A prenuptial agreement is a complex contract with strict technical requirements. You want to make sure it's done right.  An investment now can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future.

Each couple that gets married has two options: (1) enter into the marriage subject to the state laws that govern the marriage, however those laws may change in the future or (2) enter into the marriage with a prenuptial agreement and choose your own rules to govern your relationship. 


A prenuptial agreement allows couples to customize according to their own circumstances and values. 


Common terms involve characterizing and apportioning assets and debt (including financial accounts, real estate, stocks, business interests, earnings during marriage, inheritance etc.). Provisions regarding spousal support are also common.

In order to develop these terms, you must understand them and articulate them correctly.  This generally requires the assistance of an attorney.  Moreover, California has special rules regarding terms, timing, financial disclosure, and independent counsel requirements. You don't want to sign something only to find out that it is not valid and enforceable.

We offer full drafting services, including the financial disclosure and independent counsel review services for agreements already drafted at flat rates -- no hidden costs.


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