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Los Angeles Premarital Agreements
Emily Rubenstein Law - Beverly Hills Family Law Attorney

Emily Rubenstein Law
Los Angeles Family Law - Premarital Agreements

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Los Angeles Premarital Agreements

Studies show that clarity about financial roles, responsibilities, and expectations can actually deter marital conflict and divorce. Financial transparency and honesty are critical to a successful marriage.


Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements, afford couples the opportunity to discuss and agree on important financial issues, including money management, financial health, and estate planning, prior to marriage.

Premarital agreements help you protect your family's future and customize arrangements on your own terms, rather than leaving it up to the California Family Code.

The best practice is to have a prenuptial agreement with the hope that it will never be used.

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"Emily did a wonderful job as my attorney . She was thoughtful and stayed in constant contact over the period of a few months until the prenuptial was complete and ready to be signed. Emily put in extra effort to help me." 


- Kathryn O., Los Angeles, CA

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When a couple gets married, they have two choices.  They can either ​enter into the marriage subject to the state laws that govern it, however those laws may change in the future, or they can enter into the marriage with a prenuptial agreement and choose their own rules to govern their relationship.

The content of a prenuptial agreement is highly customizable and can vary widely.

Common terms involve assets and spousal support. Premarital agreements often include provisions relating to business interests, intellectual property, financial accounts, real estate, stocks, inheritance, earnings during marriage, and more.

In addition, couples can choose to customize terms based on future circumstances during the marriage, for example, different terms can go into place if the couple have children or are married for a certain length of time.

Hiring a Premarital Agreement Attorney in Los Angeles

Prenuptial agreements can be highly technical.


For example, California law has specific requirements regarding the terms included in premarital agreements and the timing of the final draft.


Further, there are special rules about each spouse having independent counsel. Each spouse having their own attorney helps to shows that the prenuptial agreement has been voluntarily and knowingly executed.


Whether a client seeks to protect separate assets such as an inheritance, a business, or real estate, they want to ensure that the prenuptial agreement has been done correctly, promptly, and with personalized attention.

The Premarital Agreement Process
Emily Rubenstein Law - Los Angeles Family Law


Schedule a consultation. Explain your goals. Learn your rights. We'll answer your questions.


We'll draft your agreement and take care of the required financial disclosures - with simplicity.


Both fiances have the opportunity to review, consult with counsel, and revise as needed.

4.  SIGN

Once approved by all, fiances and attorneys sign.


"I was frantically looking for representation to review my prenuptial agreement that me and my husband were creating...If you're looking for a great, honest, reliable, communicative representation, please reach out to Emily!"


- Greg D., West Hollywood, CA

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Why Choose
Emily Rubenstein Law?

With both fierce advocacy and a calming spirit, we guide clients through the premarital agreement process.  


We do this with emotional intelligence, first-class drafting and negotiation skills, and unrivaled personalized attention.

We are highly responsive and take pride in providing plain answers to and explanations of complex family law questions and concepts.


Request a Confidential

Premarital Agreement 


As family law attorneys, we draft premarital agreements and provide independent counsel review for premarital agreements.

A confidential consultation appointment can be made by calling (310)750-0827 or using the form on this page. 

Your information is safe with us.

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