A great divorce lawyer is like an experienced captain steering a ship through a storm.  And for every client, the right lawyer is out there, you just need to find them.

Our divorce clients include men and women of a variety of ages with mid-large estates. They're business owners, executives, doctors, lawyers, public figures, and stay-at-home parents.


They all share the same fundamental desire: to get through the storm intact. To finalize their divorces fairly and cost-efficiently. To achieve familial, financial, and emotional stability. 


During our initial consultation, we'll ask a series of questions and listen to your unique story to evaluate your case and begin creating a custom strategy. 


1. consult

Schedule a consultation.

Tell us your unique story without judgment or expectation. Explain your goals and learn your rights. Ask all the questions you need.

2. prepare

Once you're signed up, we'll gather your case facts and analyze in depth. We'll take you through the financial disclosure process, including thorough review of  your ex's financials.  We have referrals for professionals like therapists and forensic accountants, if needed.

3. strategize

We'll develop a strategy based on your specific needs and values. Do we need to further investigate, acquire documents, or file a motion? Or are we ready to develop a settlement offer? Every case is unique. Every strategy is custom.

4. execute

We use every tool in the negotiation and litigation toolbox to execute our strategy. The vast majority of divorce cases settle, but the terms have to be fair. We're always looking at cost-benefit analysis to get you the best result possible. 

5. settlement

or trial

If the parties can't reach an agreement, a judge will decide the issues in a trial. Sometimes, parties reach a partial agreement and a judge will decide any remaining issues.

Then, you're onto a brighter future. (Congratulations).




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