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What Does a Los Angeles Divorce Really Cost Once You've Factored in All the Moving Parts?

Emily shares her thoughts with U.S. News & World Report.

Costs One Should Be Prepared to Pay Before They Get a Divorce

Everyone knows that Los Angeles divorce lawyers are expensive, but other divorce-related costs can add up. It's important to have a holistic financial understanding.

Some costs that people don't generally account for:

  • Increased cost in living expenses to support two households.

  • Costs for divorce professionals who are not lawyers, like forensic accountants and therapists.

  • Fees for refinancing mortgages and automobile loans; property and title transfer costs.

  • Repairs to make real estate market-ready.

  • Moving costs and the costs of buying new furniture and home goods.

  • Increased cost of car insurance, health insurance, and cell phone bill after switching from family plans.

  • Court filing fees, administrative fees, process serving fees, and messenger service fees. In a case that is heavily litigated, these costs can add up very quickly.

Cost-Efficient Divorce

Even when a divorce is uncontested, meaning that you and your ex agree what should happen to your assets, debts, and parenting, there will be costs associated with finalizing your divorce and starting single life.

What you don't want to do is burn more cash than you need to in the divorce process itself. The biggest waste of money in a divorce is choosing to dig your heels into positions that are unlikely to win in court.

If a couple can settle 3/5 issues, they will have a more cost-efficient divorce than if they can't settle any issues


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