How child support is calculated in California

California law requires both parents to support their children. The question is determining the amount of child support.


If you need child support from the other parent, time is of the essence. A Los Angeles court cannot make child support orders until the appropriate petition has been filed.

In California, child support is calculated with a complex algebraic formula, often called "Guideline" or "Dissomaster." This formula uses each parent's income, the amount of time each parent spends with each child, medical insurance premiums, and other factors to render a monthly payment amount.


Child support is payable until a child reaches the age of 18, or 19 if the child is still in high school and living at home. 

Child support can be a complex legal issue. For example, some parents have self-employment income, income paid in cash, or income that fluctuates. Sometimes, it may not be clear if money received counts as income. In other cases, a parent might choose not to work or may withhold a child to manipulate the custodial timeshare.

Whenever possible, we negotiate child support disputes to be resolved outside of the courtroom. Contested child support matters, with ongoing litigation, are rarely in a child's best interest. They can also be also time consuming and expensive.


That said, we know that many parents have to fight to achieve a fair and equitable child support arrangement. Parents are not always forthcoming nor honest about their financial circumstances.

You need to ensure that you have the documents and evidence needed to prove your case. In a child support dispute, you're entitled to financial records including pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, credit card statements and more. These financial records can be subpoenaed from the opposing party or directly from financial institutions.

Whether negotiating, litigating, or both, you want to work with a child support lawyer who is prepared, thorough, responsive, and sensitive to your family's needs. It's critical to be empowered with knowledge and guidance during a child support dispute.

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Whether you're seeking child support, contesting a child support request, or seeking to modify a child support order, a child support dispute can be extremely stressful.


You need the right guidance, for your family and for your personal finances.

Our child support clients include men and women across Los Angeles. They all share the same fundamental desire: to achieve familial, financial, and emotional stability in the best interests of their children. 

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