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Our divorce clients include men and women of a variety of ages with mid-large estates across Los Angeles. They're business owners, executives, doctors, lawyers, public figures, and stay-at-home parents.

They all share the same fundamental desire: to finalize their divorces fairly and cost-efficiently. To achieve familial, financial, and emotional stability. 


During our initial divorce consultation, we'll ask a series of questions and listen to your unique story to evaluate your case and begin creating a custom strategy. 

How to choose the best divorce lawyer for you

In California, divorce is a part of family law.  Family law attorneys handle matters involving prenuptial agreements, divorce, and child custody and child support for non-marital relationships.

You want a divorce attorney who specifically practices family law. California family law is technical and specific. It operates by its own set of rules, and it's much different from other areas of law. 

Every family law attorney has a different style of practice. There are endless combinations of personality, demeanor, philosophy, and strategy.  The best way to assess if it's a good fit is to meet with more than one lawyer. 

Is this lawyer listening to you and showing compassion? Is this lawyer giving an honest assessment or just telling you what you want to hear? Are they explaining legal concepts in plain language that you can understand? You're looking for a divorce lawyer who can solve your problems, not create more problems.


Is this lawyer calm, collected, and clear? Can they commit to being responsive and offering the highest quality service and preparation? Can they describe how they ensure that cases are handled cost-efficiently?

You should leave an initial divorce consultation feeling empowered, heard, and educated about the attorney's approach and next steps.



What is the Los Angeles divorce process like?

There are two ways to complete a Los Angeles divorce: settlement or trial. 


In other words, the parties can negotiate an agreement about child custody, child support, spousal support, and division of assets and debts. If the parties do not come to an agreement, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge will decide these issues.

A divorce that goes to trial will naturally take longer than a case that settles. The parties can reach an agreement at any time during a divorce.  A case that goes to trial is at the mercy of the courts' schedules and due dates.  Cases that go to trial require significant attorney time and preparation and can take multiple years to complete.

In most, but not all cases, settling is in the client's best financial and emotional interests.  In our practice, we have settled some of the most contentious divorces with effective negotiation and preparation.

That said, we know that sometimes you must fight for a just result in a divorce. You may be facing a losing parenting time with your children or potential loss of property acquired during the marriage.


Either way, it's critical to hire the best divorce attorney that you can afford to prepare for your case, strategize, and protect your best interests - today and tomorrow.

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We customize solutions that respond to your individual needs.

We provide plain answers and advice to complex family law and divorce issues.


We counsel you in options that best benefit your interests, both today and tomorrow.

We prioritize safeguarding and cherishing children. 

We communicate with honesty, compassion, and respect.

We deliver strength, clarity, and advocacy. 


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